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On this website I’ve written articles about women from all over the world, and how to find and date them. I would say that there’s something for each and every taste. Are you looking for a polish woman to date? Click here and learn more!

It’s becoming increasingly popular to find a Ukrainian girlfriend/wife. It is no wonder why, though. Women from Ukraine are for the most part beautifull, long-legged and with a strong set of values – and they’re incredibly self-sufficient.

When a women grows up in Ukraine, she will probably encounter lots of challenges, from economical to social challenges. A lot of Ukrainian women are looking for a partner to love outsite of Ukraine – and are specifically interested in men from first world countries.

Looking for a Baltic woman from Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia? I’ve written articles about that for you as well. Ever been to the Baltics? There are plenty of beautifull women, and in Estonia, there is even a shortage of men. 

There are around 8% more women than men in Latvia. What are you waiting for?

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If you’re having trouble finding a Russian women in your hometown, you might want to try a different approach. I recommend getting in touch with a Russian woman who wants to move to another country. May very well not be as hard as you’d think.