November 26

African Women are looking to date foreign men


The number of African women looking for men from Europe and the United States is continuously growing. More and more African women are finding love outside of Africa, coupling up with men from all over the world. The reason for this?

It’s becoming easier every day – with the internet. Before the internet, you’d probably have to go physically to Africa to meet someone, or get lucky in your own neighbourhood. But who’s got time for waiting for luck?

The reasons for African women seeking love and companionship outside if Africa are many. We’re also continuously seeing a migration from a lot of African countries, and big parts of Africa are struggling with economic challenges. Of course, this can be part of the reason for the migrations.

Men from the United States and Europe is quite appealing for African women to date. If you’re lucky enough to get a women from Africa on your “hook” – I suggest you don’t let her go!

A lot of African women are fascinated and attracted to much western culture. If you’d go visit a larger country in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana og perhaps Gambia) you can see how western culture affects the everyday life.

African women are strong and sexy

It goes without saying; as a person, you will most likely become a strong, charismatic individual if you are to grow up in Africa. In the usual African tradition, the children and teenagers will participate in the daily chores – which will definitely help form a strong, independent woman later in her life. Both physically and mentally. Who wouldn’t enjoy being with a woman who’s strong, independent and even sexy?

Many African woman and girls are considered being sexy – and the whole African dating-culture is quite different than what we’re used to. It’s very different from e.g. Europe and United States.

Let’s have an example. In many areas, it is considered quite normal for a man to have multiple wives. In the African muslim countries, men is allowed to have up to 4 wives. In other countries, men can have even more.

SO; if you’d like to have multiple wives, Africa just may be for you. Imagine having a wife – and then going out to see if you can find a few more. Sounds pretty cool?

Of course, not all African women find it appealing to share their husband with other women. You are more likely to see acceptance of this kind of polygamy in less-westernized parts of Africa. Every women is of course different.

One thing I can almost guarantee though, is that the women are greatly interested in men from the west. I remember one time I was vacationing in Ghana, I was getting some food at a food-cart. Before I had even finished my meal, there was three women sitting next to me, engaging in a flirting conversation with me. I have yet to have this happen to me anywhere else.

Three happy women smiling at the camera.

African Dating: How to meet women from Africa

Are you ready to begin your African dating adventure?

IF you are, then I have a great recommendation for you. One that will increase your chances of meeting and dating a beautiful African women – and you can actually begin right now.

I recommend you to visit Afro Introductions. On this website, you will find more African women then you know what to do with. Furthermore; they are all actively looking for a loving partner from abroad – why else would they be on an international dating site?

This website has existed since the year 2002, and since then thousands of couples have been made between African women and men from all over the world.

AfroIntroductions is owned by a company called CupidMedia. CupidMedia own and operate a variety of different niche-online dating websites, and therefore has great experience in how to run a GOOD website. Safety is top notch, and scammers are pretty much nowhere.

If you happen to find one, you can quickly report them to the website administrator, and he will handle it in no time.


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