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Asian Women – Get Started With Asian Dating


In this article, I want to tell you about the fantastic Asian women and the wonders of Asian dating. In the Asian part of the world, there is a lot of countries. I’ll be focusing on women Thailand as well as the Philippines.

In short, in this article you can read more about who they are, what they’re like, their culture, and where/how to meet them. Enjoy!

Asian Women – Who are they?

When you hear about Asian women and Asian dating, it gets the thoughts going. Asia is incredibly big, and very well populated generally. Approximately 2/3 of the world’s population lives in just 2 countries – China and India. I think it’s safe to say, that the phrase “Asian women” is quite a broad term.

Does Asian women mean women from the Arabic Emirates, or from Thailand?

As mentioned, this article will be about women from primarily the Philippines and Thailand.

What is Asian women and Asian dating like?

Generally speaking, you will find that Asian women are caring, and enjoy fun and games. They are sweet, and definitely family oriented. As most Asian women love their families very much, they’d probably like a husband, who has the same view. As well as a man who will help out from time to time – not just by bringing in money, but help out with ordinary household work.

If you really want to be the best man you can be for you Asian partner – you should definitely offer emotional support as well. As with any woman I’d say, you can get some serious “bonus points” by offering this.

Furthermore, a lot of Asian women possesses a healthy amount of common sense, and they are very polite as well as down to earth. Most are not too loud or with a high voice – perhaps things are different, if she gets upset?

Many Asian women are not “cheap” either – they have strong values about themselves. Chances are, you will probably not bed her after the first date. Show real interest!

3 incredible advantages of dating Asian ladies

  • You have most likely heard about it before, or experienced it yourself. As you get further into the relationship (or marriage), sex are more likely to not occur as often as it used to. It becomes a monthly event…but with an Asian women, there may just be another way of doing this. You may not even experience this “lack” of bed activities as much. She knows, that there are plenty of pretty Asian women who are more than willing to scoop you up, and away from her.
  • Freedom. Asian ladies are not likely to change who you are, and what you are doing or what you’re into. If you want to invite the guys over for Monday night football, you go right ahead. Maybe she will even cook you some sweet nachos, or bring some drinks for your poker night? You will be surprised. Just remember to ask in advance, and take her feelings into account.
  • Asian girls are most often quite feminine. They like to dress feminine, but also when it comes to ordinary chores and housework. You’ll see her doing the dishes, the laundry, cook and so forth. She may even do all of these things while wearing some feminine clothing – and with great hygiene. Remember to commend her, and tell her that she looks gorgeus.

Are you floating on a cloud in your mind? Just remember, that not all women are the same. Everyone has different needs and preferences.

Dating Asian Women – How do I meet single asians?

Since you’ve read so far, I assume you are ready to take some action in your dating adventure. Asian women are all over the world, and perhaps even in your home city – but I do not recommend you going “Asian woman chasing” physically. You may very well end up quite disappointed.

Instead you should try this – online Asian dating. I recommend you experiencing and trying AsianDating, one of (if not the biggest) international dating site, with A LOT of single women. The website mentions having more than 2 million members – and a lot of them are women from Asian countries (obviously).

Why do I recommend you using this website?

First of all, the sheer number of members. With so many members, you are almost sure to find someone who wants to be with you. You probably don’t even have time to write to all of these single women.

Secondly, all of the single women are actively looking for a partner internationally. Why else would they be registered on an international dating website? If they wanted to meet someone locally, chances are they would register on a local dating website.

If you register, you are able to browse and check out the website for free. If you upload a profile picture, you can see other members pictures (with an enlarged format).

Last recommendation about meeting single Asian girls:

Are you serious about finding an Asian partner?

Then I’d highly recommend you to get a paid premium membership. This enables you to message all of the women you want, and it comes with a bunch of advantages. Your profile will be found easier by other members (due to profile highlighting etc.)

I would also recommend you to acquire a membership for at least 3 months at once. This will save you quite a bit of money. In my opinion, it is not possible to form a type of relationship with another member, in just one month. So; if you are to continue into the second month, you will already have spent as much as purchasing 3 months from the beginning.

I have had many conversations with female members, and then having our messaging suddenly stop, because my membership ran out. Man, I’d wish I had bought a longer membership from the beginning; could have saved me quite a bit of money.


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