Baltic women

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon in regards to Baltic women it has to be their incredible looks. Without a doubt.

In this article you can read more about women from the Baltics – women from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – also known as the Baltics.

Not only are the Baltic women beautiful, they also have strong and special characteristics. Furthermore, a lot of them wants to meet men from the United States and the west. More and more couples appear, between western men and Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian women.

The qualities of Baltic women

Much like women from the eastern European countries and Russia, Baltic women are quite independent, open-minded, intelligent and of course loving individuals.

If you are to engage in a relationship with a women from the Baltics, you will see a woman who works for the relationship, and is a great support and shows much love for her man. This means though, that you cannot (and should not) half-ass your way through the relationship.

She will definitely have expectations for you as well. She expects your love, support, friendliness and openness. She wants to share with you, and want you to share with her as well.

Baltic women possess a lot of qualities and values, which actually are shared with men from the western world. A lot of Baltic women are looking for safety in a strong and developed country, with great possibilities for the future. These possibilities may be quite limited in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Meet and date Baltic women with online dating

It has, to this day, never been easier to meet and date Baltic women. Thanks to the internet, and its abundance of possibilities. The amount of Baltic online dating websites are huge.

However, I do have a recommendation for you. I’d like for you to try and experience THIS dating website (called InternationalCupid). Here you can register for free, write an appealing profile text, put in your profile picture, and browse women profiles already registered.

I really recommend you to write a thorough and appealing profile text, to interest those looking at your profile. You will get lots of more messages, than if you leave it empty or “boring”. Furthermore, you should also express what you’re looking for in a partner, and what you are able to offer your potential partner.

The recommended website is an international dating site, with thousands of members from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

If you’re looking for Baltic girls, you are on the right path. To get into Baltic dating, I highly recommend you to try the site mentioned above. You WILL find lots of single Baltic ladies, who wants to find a sweet, loving foreign man to date.

‘Filled’ with pretty women from the Baltics, that are looking for a partner from a foreign country (and men from western countries are highly interesting to these women, in my belief). If you are ready to put in an effort, you are very likely to succeed in your Baltic dating mission.

Women from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania wants to meet men from the US and Europe

More and more Baltic women are forming couples with foreign men – and especially men from the western part of the world. Western men and the way they behave, accommodates the wishes and expectations of a lot of women from the Baltics.

They appreciate humor, stability, love, openness, sharing and also enjoy the small things in life. They treat their men well.

  • Women from Estonia are loving and joyous. They love a tasty drink, and most of them actually speaks enligsh on a communicative level.
  • Women from Latvia can be a bit more reserved, and may spend more time before opening completely up to you. Many women are quite good at English
  • Lithuanian women can be a bit shy, and will most likely spend more time, before opening up to you as well.

I am confident though, that it will be worth the way – if you are serious about your Baltic women search.

Latvian women

 A funny fact – Latvia is the country with the biggest inequality of men and women. There are 8% more men in Latvia, than there are women.

Latvian women can be quite reserved and shy, but if you continue your “chase” and continue to show interest in her, she will slowly open up to you. Show a genuine and real interest in her, and she will notice, and you are quite likely to receive the same thing.

If you are to visit Latvia, to find a pretty woman, you should be aware of one thing. Riga. Ever heard of Riga?

It is also known as the “Sexcapital” of Europe – which means that LOTS of foreign men are coming to Riga, to have some no strings attached fun. Just a reminder for you to keep – there can be more than 1 reason as to why pretty women will suddenly approach you!


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