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Danish Women– meet and date beautiful danish women


Denmark is part of northern Europe, and is a former “Viking land” – as a Scandinavian country.

There is an old story which goes something like this: When Vikings raided and looted other countries, they would only bring home the most beautiful women. Some say, that is why women from Denmark and rest of Scandinavia are among the most beautiful in the world (Of course, depending on opinion). Oh, and a lot of them are blondes!

Read this article to learn more about Danish dating and how to meet Danish women.

Danish women are independent, strong and supporting

Denmark is ranking very high on the equality-scale, if you can call it that. Women has just as many rights as men (luckily), and there are many hard working women in Denmark. They are employed in big cooperate businesses, in small craftsman companies. The prime minister of Denmark is currently a woman.

As the title reads, women from Denmark are strong and independent. They don’t need a man to spoil them with materialistic goods. (You will still most likely need to be the one who fixes the leaky pipes or assembles the new wardrobe).

Danish women are often “the head of the household” in Denmark, which sets an interesting dynamic in the household. If you’re up for having an equal, beautiful (blonde) and strong woman, a Danish woman might just be the woman for you to date.

How to begin Danish dating and meet women from Denmark

The most obvious answer would be to travel to Denmark, and start engaging in conversations with women. Here is why this will NOT work.

Danes does not like speaking to strangers. Even at bus stops, you will always see a 1-1metres of space between each person. Even if that means someone has to walk a lot further when the bus arrives.

If you are to approach Danish women in a “flirty” manner, and try to hit on them, you will be in for quite a challenge. She knows what you are trying to do immediately. Your best chance may be to meet women while going out in the town for drinks. I’ve got a MUCH better idea for you, though.

I will highly recommend you to try online dating instead. On the website called InternationalCupid there is currently registered more than 1000+ women in Denmark. Of course, not all of them will be exclusively Danish women with exlusively Danish appearences, but the vast majority definitely is.

Plus: As they are registered on an international dating website, they most likely are interested in finding a partner from another country.

Save money on your Danish dating membership

In order to succeed and meet a beautiful and nice Danish women, you will need a paid membership. By acquiring one, you can send as many messages as you possibly can AND the women are able to answer you, even if they don’t have any membership.

So: I will recommend you to get at least 3 months of membership, when acquiring one.

 For example. If you purchase one month of membership, you only have one month in order to establish a form of relationship. In my experience, that is not enough – meaning that you would have to purchase one more month of membership. Now you have spent as much money on 2 memberships, as if you had bought 3 months to begin with. Pretty good, right?


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