November 26

Eastern European Women


Eastern European women are increasingly looking outside of their own country in order to find a loving man. The number of women from Eastern Europe who engages in relationships with European as well as American men are becoming higher and higher.

It is quite difficult to say why though, as there can be numerous reasons for this. Maybe there are not enough appealing men for the women, or maybe they’re chasing a better life. A life with much higher stability and highly improved economic possibilities.

Eastern European women finds men from USA and Europe especially desirable.

Another reason could be, that it’s become VERY easy to begin the quest of finding love abroad. With the internet and it’s abundance of abilities, you can pretty much get started in just a few minutes.

There are a huge number of websites, which allows you to get in touch with women from Eastern Europe, and begin a dating adventure quickly.

What are Eastern European women like? What’re they like to date?

Generally speaking, a women from Eastern Europe will be a strong, independent women. She will also be intelligent, loving, kind and open minded – and of course beautiful, as many women are from the Eastern Europe countries.

When you live in Eastern Europe, there may very well be some challenges in regards to economics and resources. That is why, most women from Eastern European countries (also) enjoys the small things in life. Your future Eastern European woman will enjoy a walk on the beach, a trip to the local market, museum or perhaps a park.

Furthermore they love their families a lot. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to dine with an Eastern European family, you must prepare to be served A LOT of food.

At first glance or when you first encounter a women from Eastern Europe, she may seem quite uninterested and perhaps even cold. Fear not. When you are no longer viewed as a stranger, you will notice how she gradually opens up to you. It may be a good idea to start out slowly. Build a genuine relationship with her, and show interest in her. When you’ve built some kind of emotional relationship, you will see a completely new and joyful side of her!

Beautiful Eastern European woman​

Eastern European Dating – Getting started

There are many different websites, where you can contact women from Eastern Europe. I’d like to recommend you this website, which is called InternationalCupid. In my own experience, there is absolutely no shortage of women whom you can contact – and many of them are from Eastern Europe.

I did some research while writing this article, to see how many Eastern European women are in fact registered. Here are the results:

  • Women from Poland: 1000+
  • Women from Estonia: 100+
  • Women from Latvia: 390+
  • Women from Lithuania: 540+
  • Women from Ukraine: 1000+
  • Women from Hungary: 530+
  • Women from Czechia: 435+
  • Women from Slovakia: 145+
  • Women from Slovenia: 70+
  • Women from Belarus: 1000+
  • Women from Romania: 1000+

The number “1000+” means that there are too many profiles to show the exact number, and they just show it as being more than 1000. Many of them where newly created, which means that new members are joining on a daily basis!

Give InternationalCupid a go. You can register your profile for free, to take a look around. If you upload your own profile picture, you can view other member’s pictures in a large format.

Are you serious about Eastern European dating?

Then you need to acquire a paid membership subscription. If you don’t, it’s going to be quite difficult. Either you or the other member, has to have a membership subscription in order for you to communicate with messages on the website. On the bright side; if you do acquire a membership, you can message ALL of the women – and ALL of them can reply to you.

There are countless of features which become available for you, if you purchase a Gold or Platinum membership. Highlighted profile which improves the visibility of your profile to other members. Message translations, no advertisements, advanced matching algorithms and much more. If you’re serious, it’s definitely worth it to get one!

Eastern European women wants to move abroad and get married

Quite a lot of women and ladies from Eastern Europe wants to move abroad, and get married. Doesn’t matter much if you live in Western or Northern Europe, or in the United States. If you’re living in a first world country, chances are that you’re desired highly by Eastern European women.

Who would NOT want to move out of a country with numerous challenges, which makes life harder – in order to move to you, and have a higher overall quality of life?

An Eastern European lady will take pride in a healthy and loving relationship, and she will do a lot for you. That is, if you will do a lot for her as well. Many Eastern European women are quite intelligent and emotionally intelligent, so if I were you, I’d prepare for a deep and meaningful relationship.

The language – can you communicate with an Eastern European woman?

Short answer will be yes.


Because the women you are going to meet on an international dating website, will have some knowledge of English. Or she will be willing to learn at least.

Generally speaking, if she is from a capital city or a larger city, she can speak English on a rather good communicative level. If she’s from 18-40 years of age (approximately), she is likely to have received English lessons in school as well – shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t let minor language barriers get in the way of a great relationship.

Good luck with Dating Eastern European Women!


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