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French Dating – Meet and Date French Women


The world continues to get ‘smaller’ – meaning that in this modern world, you can get in touch with people from all over the world. With your computer.

A lot of French women “exploit” this. More and more women from France are registering on international dating sites, in order to meet foreign men.

Are you interested in meeting a gorgeous, French woman?

Then keep on reading!

French women are sexy, practical and straightforward

It is no secret, that French women generally are beautiful, pretty and sexy as well. Furthermore, for the most part, they’re quite practical as well, and straightforward. (You will know if you did something wrong, and she may very well fix it herself)

A French woman will most likely bring up her children to be kind and polite, as she will be herself. It can be quite important for a French woman to appear classy, polite and a human with high standards and quality.

For the record; have you ever heard a woman speaking English with a French accent?

That is something which can smelt the heart of any man.

So where do I meet and date French women?

You could, of course, travel to France.

That in itself can be pretty expensive, and you’re not very likely to find any love on a short trip. French people (Especially in Paris) can be quite cold towards foreigners, when they’re going about their day.

No, forget that. Don’t go to France (Yet anyways). I’ve got a much better solution for you – try online dating. Preferably an online dating website which focuses on international dating.

There is a huge advantage in using an international dating site to meet French women, compared to using a French Dating service. The members are much more likely to be interesting in relocating to a foreign country.

If you’re registered on a local dating (in this case French), you are looking for someone special locally, and therefore you’re not quite interested in relocating.

Furthermore; the French women registered on an international dating site, can most likely speak a good amount of English. Not all French people can do that, although it is getting much better.

Meet and find a date with more than 1000 French Women

Does it sound too good to be true?

It is good, and also true. The biggest factor in your French dating success, is your possibility to engage in communication with as many women as possible.

If you’re serious about your dating adventure, I will highly recommend you to trying InternationalCupid.

While I was writing this article, I logged in to take a look, and see how many single French woman that are really registered. The search results showed so many, that it simply displayed as “1000+” Profiles. A lot of them had been registered recently, so I suspect that a lot of new French women are appearing.

And it didn’t even count all of the French women living outside of France.

Surely 1000’s of French women should be enough to gather a few dates?

How much does French Dating cost?

I always encourage my readers to acquire a paid membership subscription, if you’re serious about your search.


Because you have a lot more options, if you have a premium membership. You can engage in communication with EVERY member. The visibility of your profiles is increased significantly, and your access to customer support is even greater.

If you’re REALLY serious about beginning your French Dating Adventure, I’ve got a last recommendation for you. It could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

For one month of platinum membership on InternationalCupid (Tip applies for pretty much any site with monthly memberships), you pay about 35$. For three months you pay just about 70$ - which means you essentially get one month for free (as 35$ + 35$ = 70$).

Now, I’m gonna drop some knowledge and get real with you. Unless you have all the time in the world, it’s not possible to find, engage in communication, develop a relationship and start to plan meetings with a French Woman all within one month.

Which means you have to get a second month of membership, order to be able to continue communication. And here comes a pretty easy choice.

Do you want to pay another 35$ for the second month, leaving you with a 70$ cost for two months – or would you rather pay 70$ for THREE months?

I know what I’d do.

Good luck with your French Dating!


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