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Italian Dating – Meet & Date Italian Women


A growing number of Italian women are looking outside of Italy, to find and date their one true love. They want to meet men from around Europe, and especially men from the United States as well. A large number of those women seeking love abroad, are relatively young. Italian dating is IN.

There is quite a bit of corruption in Italy, and a severe lack of jobs. This could be a huge factor as to why these women want to date outside of Italy. There is simply a lack of focus to help these young people, and if things seem hopeless in your country, what can you do?

You got it. Look for a better life elsewhere!

Italian women are beautiful, exotic and passionate

If you’ve ever set foot in Italy, you may have noticed what Italian women look like. Maybe they were even lightly dressed (it is quite hot in Italy during the sunny period). A lot of them have brown/black hair, a great and mouthwatering tan, which would take all summer to achieve. That’s what you can call an exotic look!

Which brings me to my next point. Have you ever seen or heard an Italian family during an argument, maybe on the television?

There will be gesticulation, loud words and likely some shouting. Everyone knows they are right! This is that Italian passion I was talking about. It’s quite common to be passionate about your views, feelings and beliefs.

Generally speaking, Italians (and the Italian ladies) are good by nature, hospitable, and will go through great lengths in order to help a family member, a friend or a partner. I would advise you to NOT take advantage of these characteristics, or you will get some of that Italian Passion thrown upon you – which you will not forget in a few days.

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but overall I’d suggest you to avoid getting your Italian wife/girlfriend angry and upset, or she will devour you with her passion.

Never go hungry to bed when dating an Italian

Food, dinner and eating is a big part of the Italian culture. Ever heard of Italian wine, pasta or pizza?

Prepare yourself for unbelievable amounts of Bolognese, meatballs, pasta, pizza and wine. It may sound like your wet dream, but it’s the truth.

Food and eating is what brings friends and family together. This is where you spend good quality time with your loved ones. You should feel privileged, if you’re lucky enough to get invited over for dinner by her Italian grandma. Here you will receive something like 4 dishes of different food, and then you will eat until you burst. And they you eat some more.

Only to have grandma tell you to get some more pasta…

If you know your way around a kitchen (Don’t have to cook gourmet-food. A spaghetti with meatballs is sublime!), you have a sure way of impressing your soon-to-be Italian partner. A quick way to someones heart, is through their stomach (as you with, perhaps?

Italian Dating – how to meet and date Italian women

Of course, you could travel to Italy, to meet some of the local women. Might be quite expensive though, with a very low success rate.

I’ve got a better idea for you – I recommend you trying Italian Dating Online. Specifically you should try this website: InternationalCupid.

InternationalCupid is an international dating website, with members from all over the world. There are lots of female Italian singles as well. You could probably find lots more members, if you went to a dating service dedicated to Italy. My guess is, that only a few of the members would then want to move abroad.

If you’re registered on an international dating website, wouldn’t one say that you’re interested in moving to a foreign country?

I hope you get my point.

I went to check how many Italian women are actually registered on the site – and the search results showed more than 800 female members. Only from Italy – so there may very well be lots more, living in other parts of the world. Many of the Italian women was newly registered – which suggests that more and more come in, to look for men like you!

Good luck with your Italian dating!


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