November 26

Polish women are looking for foreign men


More and more women from Poland are looking for men from the west – and especially from the United States. They do this, because they want economic stability, a nice and loving man, a bright future and of course, a great adventure.

There are, relatively speaking, quite a lot of social issues in Poland, e.g. heavy alcohol consumption. This contributes to a lot of women wanting to leave Poland, to look for love in places with greater stability.

What are polish women like? Keep reading, and find the answer below – and see how you can get started with polish dating.

Polish women are not only beautiful, but also loving

The Polish women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are intelligent, loving, don’t really care for drama – and actually really enjoy intimacy and being close, even though they won’t show too much skin when dressed up.

Women and girls from Poland enjoys sex (as well as most women do), and they want to have a stable relationship, without too much nonsense drama. For the most part, they are also monogamous and very feminine.

Pretty brunette woman looking at (you?)

Meet Polish women near you with polish dating

More and more websites are appearing, which offers dating services between polish women and foreign men. Most (younger, at least) women can speak a fair amount of English, and communication not be stopping you from developing a relationship.

I highly recommend THIS website, if you are serious about beginning your adventure of polish dating. It’s an international dating website, with members from all over the world. A lot of them are single women from Poland.

You can even create a profile completely free, and take a look around. Even if you don’t buy a premium membership subscription, you can still do quite a lot. If you upload a profile picture, you can view other member’s photos in a large view, and you can show interest in them.

Remember this, though. If are SERIOUS, you need to acquire a premium membership subscription. In order to get in touch with other members (you know, the women you want to contact), either you or the recipient has to have either a Platinum- or Gold-membership.

I’d recommend you to buy a membership lasting at least 3 months – this way you will save a lot of money. By purchasing a membership for 3 months you will save 33%. If you really want to get bang for your buck, you can buy a membership lasting a whole year, and it will save you 67%!

Pro tip: it is VERY unlikely, that you will be able to find, contact and develop a form of relationship with any woman, all within the first month. Meaning you will have to get another month of membership. Do yourself a favor, and get membership for at least 3 months at a time!

Polish women’s expectations are met by western men

As mentioned above, a lot of polish girls and women are looking for love in other countries. In search of economic stability and bright future, and to have a better life all in all.

However; this does not mean, that you are to shower your potential polish partner with materialistic objects. I think most polish women appreciates the small things in life, as many women do. It could be a walk on the beach or in the park, a trip to the forest or perhaps just the local street going through the city.

If you’re living near the beach, I’d recommend you to include that in your conversations. There are no beaches available in Poland. Show her some pictures of your favorite beach.

Polish girls and their dream of marriage

A lot of polish women dreams of their perfect wedding, beginning from when they are little girls. Well, I guess a lot of women from other countries do that as well.

It can be suggested that polish women appreciate the traditional gender roles. You will do work on the house and improve it, while your lovely polish companion prepares food and cleans a bit. You can expect her to help with a lot of different things though, as many polish women are independent and hard working.


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