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Russian Women Dating – Meet & Date Russian Women


If you, like MANY others, interested in Russian Women Dating, you are at the right place. In this article I provide you with knowledge about Russian women, Russian singles and single Russian ladies in USA.

I will tell you what Russian women are like, how to meet them, and explain why a lot of Russian single women are looking abroad for a husband/partner.

It can be quite difficult to find and locate single Russian ladies in USA, and any other western area. It’s not like women are walking around with tags, with text like “I’m from Russia”. I’ve never seen that, at least.

Your absolute best chance of dating a Russian woman in America, may just be enter a Russian dating site, and see where it takes you.

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Russian women wants to move to the USA and rest of the Western world, to meet their true love

It is not always, and has not been, easy to live within the Russian borders. There are quite a bit of challenges in the economic and social areas – although it has improved a lot in recent years.

It does not change the fact, that a lot of women from Russia are seeking outside if their borders, in order to find love. Especially USA and Europe are desired locations, when these Russian singles wants to settle down with a man.

In this modern internet-era, it’s actually pretty easy to get in touch with Russian women. They are becoming increasingly better at speaking English, and pretty much everyone has access to the internet at some times.

Meeting & Dating a Russian Woman in America and other Western countries

As mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s not an easy task to locate and engage in communication with Russian ladies in your local neighborhood. It’s actually quite difficult – I have tried in my own neighborhood, without success!

I’d recommend you to date Russian women online to begin with. There are PLENTY of dating sites to choose from. Be sure you choose one that is focusing on international dating – so you KNOW, that the registered single Russian ladies wants to move to USA or anywhere outside Russia.

I doubt that the Russian women would want to relocate in such a way, if they are to be found on a local dating website.

Interested in meeting Beautiful Russian Singles?

What are the best Russian dating sites?

There are plenty (if not too many) different dating sites on the internet. I’ve done the footwork for you though, and found a few websites that I highly recommend to my readers. First a couple of words, before introduction them to you.

First if all, the more Russian singles are registered on a site, the higher your chance of being successful. It goes without saying – you have the best chance of meeting someone special, if there is plenty of registered members to “choose” from.

Second of all, pick a website where you can acquire a monthly premium membership subscription. Some websites will charge you for reading a single message. I’ve seen prices up to 15€ to read a SINGLE message, which is just insane. You can get premium membership (with unlimited message exhangning) for less than 30€ per month.

My recommendations for your Russian dating are as following:

  • RussianCupid

RussianCupid is run and owned by a company called CupidMedia. They own and run quite a lot of different dating websites, with a reach all around the world. Probably is one of the best companies, when it comes to matching men and women from all over the world. They have access to cutting-edge technology, offer great customer support – and most importantly, their websites has A LOT of members. RussianCupid has more than 1.5 million members, and of course a lot of them are Russian singles!

RussianCupid offers various types of membership, with different features included.

  • Single Russian Woman

An internationally renowned Russian Dating Site. Offers relatively cheap membership prices, which allows you to get in touch with thousands of single Russian women. They have a broad and diverse portfolio, with members from all around the world.

SingleRussianWoman offers 1 type of membership, where all features are included.

Things to remember when adventuring into Russian Dating

Unless you are an absolute catch, arm yourself with patience. There are A LOT of men on the dating sites as well as women. It will take some time, in order to find the right woman with whom you want to proceed communication. Fill your profile with information and pictures thoroughly, and it could help quite a bit. The women on the sites wants to read and see who you are.

Do you think it’s possible to find, message, engage in conversation and develop a form of relationship, all within one month?

I can tell you, it’s highly unlikely. Unless you got all the time in the world.

Do you want to save some money in the process?

Then I recommend you to get a membership for at least 3 months to begin with. It may seem cheaper to get just one, but in the majority of cases, you will need more than 1 month to have developed some kind of relationship.

So imagine this. You’re conversing really well with a beautiful Russian lady. Your 1 month membership is about to end, and you have to get another month, if you want to continue this conversation. So you renew it with one more month.

Now you will have spent the same amount of money, as if you had bought a 3 month membership to begin with. Might as well get one more month for free, right?

Good luck with your Russian Dating!


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