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Spanish Dating – How to Meet Spanish Women


If you’re interested in getting a woman with an exotic flair, you may very well enjoy dating Spanish women. Most often you’ll find them having a golden-like tan, blonde or brown hair. You’ll recognize Spanish women as being quite feminine as well.

If you were to visit your Spanish lady’s home country, I’m sure you would enjoy that as well. Spain is one of the most popular places to go on vacation. They have beautiful beaches, great weather and lots of sweet hotels (and the local population is very kind as well).

Spanish women are exotic, loving and passionate

If you’re a Spanish woman, family and friends is likely to be the number one priority. No matter how big of an argument there has been. That’s how it is with passionate, southern European cultures, and Spanish women are no difference.

If a Spanish woman is in the process of “creating” her own family, you can sure count on her ability to everything in her power, to make life as good as possible.

Passion can mean a lot of things. Passion for living, seems well suitable for Spanish women – and a lot of them have passion for food as well. Food is not just food in Spain. Food is the foundation when creating relationships, and can contribute greatly in maintaining a healthy bond between friends and family members. Eating is pretty much a social activity, rather than just swallowing down your dinner.

In addition, Spanish women quite like to party and have fun, in a decent way. If you are to attend a get-together or party hosted by a Spanish man/woman/couple, you can be sure to get lots of delicious food (and probably lots of wine), happy people and good energy all around. The energy-levels is known for getting quite high, which can contribute to you forgetting all of your worries. It’s hard to not get carried away!

A quick tip, before moving on to the next chapter. If you’re really interested in having a relationship with a Spanish woman, you must think in traditional norms. Be a knight in shining armor. Hold the door for her, pay your dinner bill, pull out her chair and so forth. Make her feel appreciated.

If you’re a keen flirter, I suggest you use some of that as well, without it being dirty of sleazy. Remember to show interest in her stories and what she’s telling you – even if she is explaining about family member number 9!

Spanish Dating – How do I Meet and Date Spanish Women?

There is actually multiple ways for you to meet Spanish women. You can do it by travelling to Spain (obviously), and try to meet some of the local girls. This could become quite expensive though, as you have to pay for flight (depending on your location, of course), hotels and much more.

I’ve got a better idea for you to try. An idea, which is cheap, and with much chance of you succeeding.

I want you to try out Spanish dating online – more specifically, the online dating service called InternationalCupid. It’s a dating service, which specializes in forming couples all around the world (hence the name). It’s owned and run by a very experienced company. They run many different dating-websites, and therefore they have the best available technology – both in terms of user experience, but also when speaking security.

I took a look when writing this article, to see how many Spanish woman are registered. So many appeared, that the search functionality showed me there are more than 1000+ single women from Spain. A lot of them had arrived recently, which means there must be A LOT of members.

AND; they are all looking for love outside of Spain – otherwise they wouldn’t be registered on an international dating site. Wouldn’t they use a local service or smartphone app, if they wanted to meet someone locally?

Enjoy your Spanish dating!


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